Fantoms On Opera

A project on Fantom

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Wave #1

FTMOPRs are a collection of 200 NFTs, they could be minted for 10 FTM, and quickly sold out. Now, you can only buy on Artion and

Website FTMScan

The CYBER punks

Wave #2

CYBERs are a collection of 1500 NFTs, with the current minting price being 5 FTM. At the time of writing, minting is open.

Website FTMScan

The OPR token

The only token you should have in your wallet.

$OPR is not just a token with a limited supply of 1M and 10% burned, oh no, OPR holders get special airdrops, access to secrets and more! If you hold OPR, you're really a cool kid :).

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